kBilling’s billing and invoice software does well at generating invoices, quotes and customer statements. It offers a variety of invoice templates that you can print or email. The templates are only lightly customizable: You can add your logo and change colors. The included templates are based around sales, service and tear-sheet invoices to help you meet your particular business needs. They are generated as a PDF, PNG, JPEG or BMP file that can be attached or embedded in an email or printed to work with standard size #10 window envelopes.

This invoicing software is capable of executing recurring and automated billing with emails to customers having paid or unpaid accounts. An Invoice Aging feature allows you to track customers with past-due balances, but it does not generate automatic payment reminders. However, it does automatically update accounts once a payment is received.

kBilling does process credit card payments. It supports multiple currencies and with a merchant account, its payment processing functionality extends to the online services Authorize.NET, GoToBilling, IPPay or Plug N Pay. It accepts all types of payments, including pay from a retainer, deposit or credits, as well as partial payments and one payment to multiple invoices. Payments can be applied through either the invoice area or the customer area. Recording payments through the customer area can be convenient if you want to apply one payment to several invoices related to the same customer. Initially the program will select the default currency based on your computer’s regional setting, but you can easily change the currency symbol.

You can easily manage your customer database and even include pertinent profile information such as preferred billing method and shipping address. A convenient feature this product has in its customer section is that you can easily tab through invoices, quotes, payments, credits, refunds and notes related to a customer all from one screen. Your client information can be easily imported or exported via Excel for easy migration.

kBilling’s email function works with your existing email service to correspond directly with your customers from the application, be that through Outlook or a web-based email account. You can configure the delivery of your electronic invoice – for example, embedding your message as an image in the email or as an attached document.

Perhaps one of the best features of kBilling is its backup capabilities. It does have an automatic backup function, but it does not back up to a remote server over the internet. You can configure this billing and invoice software to save to a location of your choice, such as to an external drive connected by USB. Files are automatically saved daily as long as the program is left open – or when it is closed, if changes have been made.

Unlike many billing and invoice software providers, kBilling offers free email and telephone support. This is rare. Many require that you pay for a support plan to get any kind of support beyond basic pre-sales assistance. You'll also find a full user manual online. There are free updates for the first year for two installations (such as one PC and one laptop), and you can purchase update support for the second year as well.

We did encounter one small problem. If you are running AVG Antivirus when you install kBilling, it will generate a false positive telling you that the software is infected. Whether the error was with AVG or kBilling was beyond the scope of our review, but kBilling does recommend that you scan it through another antivirus program if you encounter this error.

kBilling Summary:

Even though it didn’t make our top three, kBilling is still one of our favorites for its ability to work with your existing customer information. Many of its automated and processing features are invaluable in that they free you to do the job you’re there to do.



kBilling’s free technical support is only made better by its automated functionality and payment processing capabilities.

You will be somewhat limited in the area invoice customization.

The Verdict:

kBilling has a lot of what you need, but maybe not everything. The level of available invoice customization left us a little disappointed.