Express Invoice is billing and invoice software from NCH Software. It creates custom invoices, quotes and orders. In addition, it has a web access mode that can support more than one user. It also supports mobile access via access to the web interface. Express Invoice offers most of the invoicing tools we were looking for with the exception of time billing tools. It can create standard invoices easily, which include boxes for invoice notes and internal notes, shipping tracking numbers, payment terms and sales person name for commission credit. Custom invoices can be created by adjusting the title, alignment, font and foot comments. For speedy delivery, invoices can be sent by email or to a fax number directly from the program. To accommodate the global market it supports multiple tax rates and currency symbols. To accommodate the mobile market, you can access the software with an iPhone or Android type phone.

Express Invoice has good billing tools, even the ability to automatically send out statements to customers with overdue payments. It can apply partial or full payments to one invoice or to several invoices and it will keep track of the unapplied amount. This billing and invoice software can also handle recurring billing. The invoice portion of this billing and invoice software can deal with more than one address but the customer module only has a place for one. Unless you go to the Other section, it only has form fill sections for customer name, contact person, contact first name, address, phone, fax and email address. With the right set up, you can call or email your customers directly from the program.

Express Invoice does provide basic item or service management and it can save invoices and reports in PDF form for sharing. This billing and invoice software can also support multiple business and multiple users via web access. It also supports label and envelope printing.

 There is an easy to understand interface that can walk you through any task without need to consult with the help pages or an accounting-for-dummies book. You do not need to know traditional accounting terms to use this software, so there is not much of a learning curve required to use this software. Using Express Invoice is as simple as clicking “create new invoice” or “apply payment."

Express Invoice Summary:

When it comes right down to it, Express Invoice is nice to look at and its beauty is backed up with some serious accounting tools. However, if you need help using it you are going to have to purchase a support plan.


Express Invoice 3.2

Express Invoice has a crisp, clean easy-to-understand control panel.

Technical support is not free.

The Verdict:

If you are willing to pay for technical support, this is a useful product.